Madam Tuber’s Rules of Le Tour

Règles – Reglas – Regeln

During Le Tour de Couch Potato® (LTdCP) you must ride at least 100 miles (no bonus for riding extra – just bragging rights!) in order to “qualify” for the fancy commemorative magnet to show all your friends.

All riders get a “Potato Name” and I reserve the right to change your name on a whim. I also reserve the right to harass anyone I want to – hope you have thick potato skin.

My updates come out almost daily – sometimes I get busy with work (or just lazy) and don’t get them out. The updates will be posted on this site (see “Madam Tuber Speaks” Blog) and will be shared to our Group Facebook page as well.

We’re here to have fun so we encourage everyone to make the most of it! We’re glad to have you join us for this annual event.

Le Bike

All miles must be ridden on a bike and tracked with an odometer to count toward your 100. If you attend a spin class and “guess” how far you went, that doesn’t count! The bike can be a mountain bike, street bike, recumbent bike, stationary bike. Your bike must be entirely human powered…no electric bikes. Miles running/walking don’t count.


Le Mileage

Submit MILES please, not Kilometers. We have a lot of international riders – whom we love – and hope to gain more. I, however, learned conversion of the metric system in junior high which was way too many years ago to count. Help a potato out here, please!

Le Process

Post your mileage online & every day – or close to. If you opt to email your mileage and I don’t get it on the update, that’s your fault for not following directions (oh snap). NOTE: The daily update may be posted before you send in your mileage, especially later in the evening. Therefore, it may not be included until the following day.

Hey, we’re in this together.

Vive LTdCP!

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