Le Tour de Couch Potato®

Cycle 100 miles in 3 weeks.

A virtual cycling event for novice and experienced riders that coincides with Le Tour de France. Multi-national and free – for 10+ years and going strong.

2022 Dates:
1 July – 24 July

2022 Registration is now closed as the riders have taken on the challenge.

Starting July 1 registered participants can submit their daily mileage here:

Always free > sign up opens approximately one month before the beginning of the ride. In the “off season” keep in touch with your fellow taters in the LTdCP Club on Strava (search “Le Tour de Couch Potato” in Strava Clubs).

Le Tour de Couch Potato® 2021

“I need this motivation”

This event has been such a motivator for me – and now for my family. We look forward to Le Tour every year – something everyone can enjoy together.


“Friendly Rivalry”

Every year I secretly select another Couch Potato as a rival – I check his or her miles in the daily updates and try to keep up. Makes me wonder who might be watching me!


“Comraderie across the globe”

Watching this event grow over the years has been such fun. No one takes themselves too seriously – and the cycling pictures from around the world are just amazing.


Who We Are and

What We Do

Hanna Family together at a Metric Century ride in Meers Oklahoma, May 2012

Le Tour de Couch Potato® (LTdCP) started as a fun family challenge between a few sisters. Chris, Denise, Carolyn and Liz, their mom Janice and niece Emily were the first Potatoes in 2010.

The inaugural Couch Potato challenge had only 10 riders, none of whom were experienced cyclists. They each committed to ride at least 100 miles over the span of Le Tour de France (approx 3 weeks in late June – early July).

2021 Magnet Reveal!

Over the years – and only through word of mouth – LTdCP has grown to more than 200 potatoes from around the world. The event is free and each potato who completes the 100 mile goal qualifies for a custom magnet.

We launch our event to coincide with Le Tour de France. 2022 Dates have been announced.



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Le Tour de Couch Potato® 2022

June 1

Sign Up Opens

July 1

Start Pedaling

July 24

LTdCP 2022 Ends


Free & Fun

Want More Couch Potato?

We’ve partnered with an amazing vendor, Hill Killer, to design custom Couch Potato cycling jerseys and shorts.

  • Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey
  • Long Sleeve Thermal Jersey
  • Cycling Bib Shorts

Throughout Le Tour, our own

“Madam Tuber Speaks”

Vive LTdCP!