Day 10 takes us over 10,000 Miles

Several potatoes made it official over the last two days. Some were after yesterday’s update and others crossed the threshold today. Congratulations to our latest potatoes earning their magnets:

Green Eggs & Yam finished up for his first magnet with 142.68 miles while Red Bliss Potato crossed the line with 120.6 miles. Robert Tuberson has also earned a magnet with 118.8 magnet. Duchess Potato did her annual post office ride to officially finish every Le Tour de Couch Potato, earning magnet number 11 with 117.35 miles. Meadow Lark Potato is over the finish line with 109 miles. Out on today’s ride with him was Potato Jam, also earning a magnet with 107.5 miles. Eeking over the century mark for magnets number 10 are both Home Fries with 102.2 miles and Texas Potato with 102 miles. Spud Funk finished up with 100.9 miles and Tottering Tater is done with exactly 100 miles.

Potato Happenings:

We’re still just over 150 cycling spuds, leaving about 50 potatoes couch surfing (including my husband, just sayin’). I smell some DUD SPUDS cooking.

Keeping company with Meadow Lark Potato and Potato Jam as they finished up were Mama Spud, Papa Spud and Bean Counting Spud – with Mama and Bean Counting training for the Trek Across Maryland.

Melatater was out for a birthday ride – Happy Birthday!!! – on the Capital Trail today and Manntater was off the couch (or spuds) to ride to see the fireworks. Spudly Beach Bum is up to old tricks again – pizza, beer and biking – making it work. Hooray Potato was dodging fiddler crabs today while Kartoffel Kaiser was scaring the black angus cattle. They snorted at her and then made their way to the other side of the pasture.

Mythical Patata was out on the docks in Annapolis and OrienTater was reclaiming the streets for cyclists. Unfortunately, Tug-A-Tuber was doing her pedaling with a hangover today…at least she was upright 🙂


Results so far are here: Reported Miles

Report miles here: Mileage Entry

Happy Pedaling,

Madam Tuber

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