Fast and Furious Pedaling

This info is accurate as of 5:00 but with all the pedaling going on, it is probably inaccurate by the time I get done. Pedal away and Congratulations to our newest official potatoes.

Buck-A-Spud crossed the finish line today with 127.49 miles. Irish Spud and Loch Ness Potato are both earning another magnet today with 125.7 miles and 120.97 miles respectively. Also over the century mark today is Swan Song Spud with 116 miles.

There was quite the ride on the Capital Trail today and a few potatoes over the line. They then celebrated with a little rehydration (thanks for the pic). Included and earning a magnet was Rowtato with 106.2 miles who checked in with a “great ride on the Capital Trail with a dozen or so other Couch Potatoes!” and Spudly with 101.1 miles who “Rode 50 miles on the Capital Trail with the Pedal Posse. Had a flat with 6 miles to go, but got myself combobulated and finished.”

LowTato is also official today with 102.25 miles and an eventful ride with StarchTrek. Saw Chili Cheese Fries going the opposite direction, checked out a Typhoon sailboat for sale at mile 30!

Potato Happenings:

Pacific Potato got his tour off to a late start but today was the 6th day in a row of riding and he’s on a pace to meet the goal that feels achievable no DUD SPUD here. Cajun Gator Tater had a great ride with La Nuova Patata and a tip of the helmet to New Potato for letting Cajun ride his bike. Bud Spud got in a good ride before dark while Tombet Tater was on the Peloton for a 10K at 22mph – wishing he could run that fast.

As always in July, the weather was predictable – HOT, HOT, HOT. Mystery Spud had a hot & humid in central MD and CycoTater had a fiery head wind from hell the WHOLE ride. I think it was uphill both ways, too. 50 Shades of Spud had it a bit better in Oregon…it was overcast in the a.m.!

News on some mileage for us. We’re half way through this year’s tour (I know, hard to believe) and currently at 12,362 miles. NOT half way to our total miles last year – see below. Think we can hit the 30K mileage mark this year? There are currently 159 of us pedaling so it’s possible.


Results so far are here: Reported Miles

Report miles here: Mileage Entry

Happy Pedaling,

Madam Tuber

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