Le Tour de Couch Potato – 2021 Final Report

Hard to believe but sadly it’s here

Le Tour de Couch Potato is done for the year

Potatoes pedaled like crazy, 143 crossed the line

Despite the heat/humidity, all look mighty fine

Finishing every tour, still there are three

Bubba Spud, Duchess Potato and Madam Tuber (that’s me!)

Two hit 10 years, check the hall of fame

Texas Potato, Home Fries, I’ll call you by name

Eight ready for patches at 5 years complete

Additional SWAG, Oh what a treat

Thirty-seven rookies all got it done

Come back next year for more of the fun

There was one potato that got a little mashed

Fortunately, he still finished with a splash

Then there are those who go by DUD SPUD

Signed up but didn’t finish, all to say is CRUD

That’s all for now and thank you for playin’

Hope you had fun; we did – just sayin’

Happy Pedaling,

Madam Tuber

One thought on “Le Tour de Couch Potato – 2021 Final Report

  1. Good day Madam Tuber,

    Another year of great pedaling, thank you. I want to ask you if you can send me the list of all the ecuadorian potatoes so i can order their magnets please, i will appreciate.


    Kind regards,

    Doug Paredes Mathews, VA 23109 757-897-9231



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