Five Days in and Still Pedaling

The potatoes are a’pedalin’ – we’re 5 days in and already up to 10 official potatoes. Three more made it over the line today including Swisher Sweet Potato (I think it was yesterday?) with 148.9 miles and a snapping turtle after her tire. Tri Potato and Spuds O’Connor both finished the day with exactly 100Continue reading “Five Days in and Still Pedaling”

Potatoes Poppin’ Off for the 4th

It’s Independence Day and our potatoes are stretching their legs. We’re adding SIX official potatoes today. Stormin’ Spud is over the finish line with 128 miles while LatKeys finished right behind her with 127 miles. Bumble Spud has a new magnet with 122.7 miles. Decapotato earned another magnet with 113.9 miles (so far – weContinue reading “Potatoes Poppin’ Off for the 4th”

Saddle Up

It’s almost time for our Grand Depart: Register Here! Pedaling begins tomorrow, July 1st and registration will close just before so this is your last chance to sign up. We’re continuing our online engagement from last year and leveraging the website, allowing us to eliminate emails in favor of daily (or almost daily) blog posts.Tour information can be foundContinue reading “Saddle Up”

Le Tour de Couch Potato – 2021 Final Report

Hard to believe but sadly it’s here Le Tour de Couch Potato is done for the year Potatoes pedaled like crazy, 143 crossed the line Despite the heat/humidity, all look mighty fine Finishing every tour, still there are three Bubba Spud, Duchess Potato and Madam Tuber (that’s me!) Two hit 10 years, check the hallContinue reading “Le Tour de Couch Potato – 2021 Final Report”

Time to hang it up for this year’s tour

Quick update on three more official taters, bringing us to a total of 142 Swimming Spud is over the line with 105.90 miles. Small Fry also finished her miles with 102.00 miles and Optimash Prime has a new magnet 101.62 miles. Remember all miles need to be entered by midnight tonight so we can compileContinue reading “Time to hang it up for this year’s tour”