Even the trees are happy to see us pedal

So great to see all these potatoes earning magnets and we have SO MANY that are very close. We are sustaining our 1000 mile a day average and are just over 21,500 miles total. Hooray for Potatoes is “DONE” with 114.5 miles and says its time to relax. CompuTater finished at 109.9 miles and inContinue reading “Even the trees are happy to see us pedal”

Starting the countdown to Paris

We’re just shy of 17,500 miles and celebrating 7 more official couch potatoes today. Countess Tater was able to get logged in and caught up on her miles for her magnet and 114.17 miles. Yamyscira also has another magnet with 105.83 miles – she pedals while working…it’s quite a setup. Traffic Yam did not getContinue reading “Starting the countdown to Paris”

Only one week of pedaling remains

Still stomping on the pedals and up to 16,550 miles, we added seven more official potatoes today. Starch Trek transported himself over 118.8 miles for a magnet while Tombet Tater must have done the math for a nice 111.1 miles. Potato Cake has another magnet for her fridge with 105.2 miles. Melatater and Hause ofContinue reading “Only one week of pedaling remains”