A week to go to the 2021 LeTour

With only a week until we kick off our 11th Couch Potato, the potato names are making their way into the registration sheet. Returning potatoes, when you have an opportunity, please give me a double check and make sure I have your name right. New potatoes, I’m still working through your names and will beContinue reading “A week to go to the 2021 LeTour”

10 Days to the Grand Depart

We’re rapidly approaching the kick off of our 2021 Le Tour de Couch Potato. The bikes should be dusted, shoes shined and shorts padded…can’t have any sore bums With only 10 days until our pedaling begins, if you haven’t already, be sure you register for this year’s tour. Our registration is over 140 potatoes andContinue reading “10 Days to the Grand Depart”

2021 Le Tour de Couch Potato departs one month from today!!!

Hi all…Madam Tuber here with a final update before registration..2021’s Tour is only one month away! The Grand Depart of the 2021 Le Tour de Couch Potato is June 26th so dust off your spandex, polish up the pedals and get some starch in those legs.Now is the time to start recruiting other potential potatoesContinue reading “2021 Le Tour de Couch Potato departs one month from today!!!”