Let’s get ready to PEDAL

OH – so excited…it’s almost time.

Only 5 days left to register for the 2019 Le Tour de Couch Potato and we’re already up to 160 participants: lots of returning potatoes and several newbies as well. We’ll be taking off on our ride Saturday at midnight. This will be the last email that goes out to everyone – going forward, just those registered and those who specifically asked to be included in updates will be on the distribution. Remember, registration will close as the ride begins…midnight Friday into Saturday this weekend.


Because I was asked (really??? – remember I get to be snarky!!!)…Yes, it is true that if you don’t finish you are a DUD SPUD…there is no partial credit or participation trophy. What you can anticipate is a beautiful refrigerator magnet for all those who finish 100 or more miles. The image is hand drawn by my brother-in-law exclusively for our ride. A preview is coming soon!

Logging your daily mileage

The next piece of info you need…the link to log your miles. You’ll use the link provided to enter your daily miles – but not before Saturday (we delete the early ones). You’ll need to enter the same email address you registered with in order to get the credit applied correctly. If the email is wrong, the miles will get logged, just not to your name. Be sure to check the daily update email and confirm your mileage is correct…if your miles aren’t included, just reach and we’ll track down what might have happened.

Are you IN or OUT?

Finally for today, I have attached a list of those currently registered with a continuation of the “Naming of the New Potatoes” included. We’re not quite done with names but getting closer. Shout out to my sissies who have been helping this year – it’s a family affair!

Happy Pedaling, Madam Tuber

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