Here Comes the 10th Annual Le Tour de Couch Potato

It’s true – the (delayed) 2020 Le Tour de Couch Potato is three months away.

This year’s tour will start on August 29th and go until September 20th. We hope you can join us as we pedal across the world.

In 2020 we will be celebrating ten years of pedaling – our first year had 5 finishers and now we’re over 100. We will once again limit our entries this year to 200 riders. There are only a couple of us who compile/compose the results and Swimming Spud signs my paychecks so I can’t be doing this at work. Good thing I don’t work on Fridays so today doesn’t count Kevin!

Registration Opens Aug 1

Registration will open on August 1st and close at midnight August 29th. Be sure you are registered by the first day of the tour this year – NO LATE ENTRIES (you know who you are!). We’ll use an online registration and mile reporting again this year since we had success with it the past.

Emails…., Remember you’ll need your own email address – you can’t share with a spouse or other family member. You also need to use the SAME email address for all mile reporting. More to come as we get closer to pedal time. If you know of others who are interested in joining the Couch Potato this year, please forward this website along. If you are not interested in joining us this year, just let us know and we’ll remove you from further updates.

Looking forward to another successful year.
Happy Pedaling, Madam Tuber

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