One Month to the Grand Depart

10th Anniversary of LTdCP

Madam Tuber here…it’s one month until the Grand Depart for the 2020 Couch Potato. Registration will open on Saturday morning, August 1st. I’ll send out an email with a registration link – you must use the link to register or you aren’t “in”. I’ll send a couple reminders throughout August with updates on who’s registered and how close to max capacity we are. We’ll cap at 200 riders.

Registration will close at 12:01 AM, August 29th or when we reach 200 participants. Last year we had just over 170 that registered so we aren’t reducing the numbers, just implementing a max number.

Remember the “Rules”

  1. From August 29 – September 20, you must ride at least 100 miles (no bonus for riding extra – just bragging rights!). Finishers get a “fancy” refrigerator magnet to show all your friends (preview coming soon!).
  2. Any miles ridden on a bike, and that can be tracked with an odometer, count toward your 100. If you attend a spin class and “guess” how far you went, that doesn’t count! The bike can be a mountain bike, street bike, recumbent bike, stationary bike…just track the miles.
  3. NEW THIS YEAR due to questions – your bike must be entirely human powered…no electric bikes.
  4. Mile’s running/walking don’t count.
  5. Post your online mileage daily – or close to – so you’ll be included in the daily update. If you opt to email your mileage and I don’t get it on the update, that’s your fault for not following directions 🙂 NOTE: The daily update takes a while to compile so if you posted your mileage in the evening, it may not get included until the next day.
  6. Submit MILES please. Yep – we have lots of international riders and hope to gain more. I, however, learned conversion of the metric system in junior high which was way too many years ago to count. Help a potato out here, please!
  7. Email updates come out almost daily – sometimes I get busy with work (or just lazy) and don’t get them out. I will post the updates to Facebook as well.
  8. All riders get a potato name and I reserve the right to change your name on a whim. I also reserve the right to harass anyone I want to – hope you have thick potato skin.

We’re here to have fun during this once-a-year event, make the most of it – have fun with us. Happy Pedaling, Madam Tuber

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