LTdCP 2021 less than 3 months away

That’s right – 2021’s Tour is coming at us fast and furious this year since we rode in the fall last year. We have just under three months to go until the Grand Depart of the 2021 Le Tour de Couch Potato.

We also have more changes coming for you this year and more online engagement. We have an awesome new website and will be eliminating emails in favor of a daily (or almost daily) blog post.

You’ll receive this email, a “two months out” email and then a “one month to go” email. Once we start our registration process, we’ll migrate from emails to the website, GoogleDocs and blog. Follow us using the link in the lower right of the site (we recommend you follow using your potato name!)

Registration and mile tracking will all be done through the website – and is based on your email address. Be sure when it comes time to register, you remember the email address you register with…if it’s different than what you use to track mileage, you won’t get credit.

2021 Dates to remember:
  • Ride dates: June 26th – July 18th
  • Registration will open Tuesday morning, June 1st and close at 12:01 AM, June 26th – as the ride begins.
The “Rules”
  • From June 26th – July 18th, you must ride at least 100 miles (no bonus for riding extra – just bragging rights!). Finishers get a “fancy” refrigerator magnet to show all your friends (preview coming soon!)
  • Any miles ridden on a bike, and that can be tracked with an odometer, count toward your 100. If you attend a spin class and “guess” how far you went, that doesn’t count! The bike can be a mountain bike, street bike, recumbent bike, stationary bike…just track the miles.
  • Your bike must be entirely human powered…no electric bikes.
  • Mile’s running/walking don’t count…
  • Post your online mileage daily – or close to – so you’ll be included in the daily update. If you opt to email your mileage and I don’t get it on the update, that’s your fault for not following directions 🙂 NOTE: The daily update takes a while to compile so if you posted your mileage in the evening, it may not get included until the next day.
  • Submit MILES please. Yep – we have lots of international riders and hope to gain more. I, however, learned conversion of the metric system in junior high which was way too many years ago to count. Help a potato out here, please!
  • Updates come out almost daily – sometimes I get busy with work (or just lazy) and don’t get them out. The updates will be posted to Facebook as well
  • All riders get a potato name and I reserve the right to change your name on a whim. I also reserve the right to harass anyone I want to – hope you have thick potato skin
  • We’re here to have fun and this is a once a year event, make the most of it – have fun with us

Happy Pedaling,Madam Tuber, Duchess Potato and Bubba Spud

One thought on “LTdCP 2021 less than 3 months away

  1. I don’t know, this couch is pretty comfy. Do I have to ride to see my friends. Couldn’t you all just ride by the house as I wave to you out the window. 😆lol

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