Counting down the hours

Is everybody ready?

We’re counting the hours to the grand depart of the 2021 Le Tour de Couch Potato. Pedaling starts tonight at midnight. If you haven’t dusted off the bike, do it NOW! I have my padded short ready as well so the bum won’t get too sore.

I am also working diligently on all those potato names – it’s very exciting to see so many new potatoes this year…I promise, I’ll get you all named.

Quick shout out as we get started this year to The Duchess. Duchess Potato (aka Christine Johnson, my sister) is the brains and beauty behind our new website, etc. Thanks, Chris for getting all of this up and running and getting us organized for the year.

Remember to refresh yourselves on the rules if there is any doubt; be sure you have fun; let’s not have any mashed potatoes…and no DUD SPUDS!!

Happy Pedaling,

Madam Tuber

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