We’re off and pedaling for Day 1

And we’re off – with 38 potatoes on the road, we have already logged over 600 miles. Chips A’Jorge is leading the way with over 60 miles in the books. Signature Spud and Tug-A-Tuber are also off the couch with 4.5 miles each so remember, every mile counts.

We did have one busy mom who was out for her first ride after a hiatus…she was interrupted by a Covid puppy biting at her heals and kids asking for pancakes but she just kept right on pedaling. Another potato was on a new bike for a trial run – the bike earned it’s new name today “Andean Blak” after the potato…due to both the HILLS and the bike is matte black.

There were potatoes out on the Gwynn’s Island Duathlon today as well. Seems the skies opened up with a massive rain storm. So wet but so much fun!

Fortunately, we had a close (but no cigar) call on the B&O trail. Two almost head-on collisions but no mashed potatoes were reported.

Check out our day 1 (so far) results here: Reported Miles

Report miles here: Mileage Entry

Happy Pedaling,

Madam Tuber

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