Serious Pedaling for a Sunday

Reporting in as of about 6:00 PM ET with 79 potatoes on the road. We’re up to 1875 miles pedaled after two days of riding. Go potatoes, go.

Potato Happenings:

OrienTater has started her first Le Tour with her furthest distance traveled from home since moving and the start of the pandemic. She found some new bike trails to travel as well. Checking in with 9.8 miles. Distilled Tater traversed 3 cemeteries on a hot, muggy ride today bringing her miles to 22 total. Bishop Tuber was the hero on the day, saving a box turtle from becoming a Mashed Potato (or turtle soup??) as he checks in with a total of 21.1 miles. Locked-N-Loaded Spud is happy to be getting in shape each July during the Le Tour de Couch Potato.

Now we’ll highlight those who are already over half way…Chips A’Jorge is checking in with 98.2 miles while Rob Roy Tuber has 70.9 miles. Potato Jam has hit exactly 60 miles while Tater Lime is over the half way mark at 54.2 miles. Decapotato is also over half way with 53.1 miles and previously mentioned Locked-N-Loaded Spud is getting into shape with 50.7 miles. Finally, new potato Bourbon Mash Potato has logged 50.2 miles. All are over half way to their new magnet. Let’s see who crosses the line in the next few days. I’m sure we’ll have our first official potato soon.

As always, if you know a potato on the couch who needs a little boost, bring them out for a ride.


ALL potatoes should now have potato names…remember, I get bored on occasion (or hear great stories) so reserve the right to change them – no thin skin potatoes allowed!

Our blogs are posted around the same time each evening (unless I get lazy) and it takes a bit to compile everything. IF you aren’t included as an official potato, it could be that your miles came in after we started the blog for the evening – don’t worry, we’ll get it tomorrow!

Results so far are here: Reported Miles

Report miles here: Mileage Entry

Happy Pedaling,

Madam Tuber

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