Big first week for Le Tour

Wow, what a first week we have had. On our 7th day of pedaling we have seven new official potatoes. Included are:

Hot Potato who has another magnet for her fridge with 136 miles. Loaded Potato is also over the century mark with 133.1 miles. Mythical Patata finished up with 104.34 miles while Potato Chip Rock logged 103.5 miles for a new magnet. New Potato and La Nuova Patata experienced lots of yesterday’s storm debris on the road and a cloudy, cool day to “git ‘er done” with 101.9 miles. Marshmallow Fluff Potato earned her first (but certainly not last) magnet with 101 miles. Congratulations to our latest official couch potatoes.

Potato Happenings:

We blew past 7000 miles like it was nothing and now have 145 off the couch. Are we smelling some dud spuds?

Pacific Potato is off the couch with  his first ride of the tour and Pommes soufflées is kicking off holiday weekend with another ride toward a magnet. Tombet Tater was on the peloton watching Mark Cavendish power thru while Tater Lime was trying to bike off his Taco Bell lunch! Spud Funk got to take a break during his ride and have some Beach Time with family before heading back home!

The weather definitely made itself known today as we pedaled. Harley Taterson spent a gorgeous day in Westminster Maryland riding through town. 50 Shades of Spud had a gloomy over-cast day – but a ride always brings a smile! Bud Spud and Microchip got in 10 miles in at Centennial Park, braving the forecasted severe storms – they got totally soaked and heard thunder rumble but we did not go indoors 😉


Results so far are here: Reported Miles

Report miles here: Mileage Entry

Happy Pedaling,

Madam Tuber

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