Spudtacular Second Saturday

As we make our way into the second week of Le Tour de Couch Potato, we’re celebrating 6 more official couch potatoes. Loly Pop Potato has another magnet for her refrigerator with 142.10 miles. Loaded Potato finished up today as well with 133.10 miles. With his quickest trip to more than 100 miles, Tater Lime is at 107.50 miles. Fat Tire Tater’s 105.10 miles earn him his first magnet (in his words – Wooo!) while Mythical Patata is adding to her magnet collection with 104.34 miles. Also over the finish line today for a magnet today is Stormin’ Spud at 103.00 miles.

Congratulations to our latest official potatoes as they helped us amass almost 8000 miles (7914.95 so far). We have 149 potatoes on the road with the others in jeopardy of becoming DUD SPUDS…if you know someone who isn’t off the couch yet, bring them for a ride.

Potato Happenings:

More firsts on the road today with Artful Tuber finishing her longest ride ever followed by the need for a nap. Pig-Pen Potato was on the bike for the first time since November. Definitely feeling it but he knows it can only get better from here. Fitz and the Tater Tantrums hit 47.2 MPH on a down hill : ) – excellent firsts / accomplishments.

Potatoes are also celebrating the holiday with some camping, vacations, and enjoying the sights. Tubermore is camping at Ouabache State Park, Indiana for the 4th of July weekend. Spuddles is there as well. They are enjoying a beautiful park, beautiful bike path into Bluffton with friends and potatoes alike. Locked-N-Loaded Spud reports the rain stopped, ride’s done, now vacation starts! OrienTater took a short morning bike to the farmers market and some macchiatos by the waterside, with Uber-Trail Tuber. Tug-A-Tuber Rode down to new point observation deck and took in the beautiful bay views and we’re thankful for our freedom and the views we get to see! Spud Funk was found by a thunderstorm on his ride today and 50 Shades of Spud likes her early morning rides the best – less autos, less fumes!

While those potatoes were checking out the great outdoors, others were inside but still checking out sights in their own way. Lenko Latkes is ‘chipping’ away on the NordicTrack, rode in Switzerland today while nursing some Achilles tendonitis. Tombet Tater was also on another peloton ride. Not sure where he went but hopefully somewhere fun.


Results so far are here: Reported Miles

Report miles here: Mileage Entry

Happy Pedaling,

Madam Tuber

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