The Madam is Late

My update is delayed but our potatoes were not. We have several official potatoes with magnets for their refrigerators.

Pump up the Yam rode the Reedville Velodrome to complete the miles needed for his magnet, totaling 108.5 miles and helping a turtle along the way – those first responders never stop. M&M Tater is over the finish line as well with 105.8 miles and yours truly, Madam Tuber, is done with 103.05 miles. Tuber Effect wrapped up Le Tour with 102.65 miles and a new magnet. Finishing close together are Nip it in the Spud with 101.74 miles and Mystery Spud, earning magnet number 7, with 101.5 miles. Tubermore and SpudStrong are both also official now with 100.99 miles and 100.07 miles respectively. Congratulations to all of newest official potatoes

Potato Happenings:

In other potato happenings, we’re over 15,000 miles (almost to 16K) and have just about 170 potatoes off the couch…fewer DUD SPUDS in the making. You should be in the 60-70 mile range if you’re spreading it out evenly over the three weeks. You’ll see those just over half way highlighted below.

Pacific Potato was out for the longest ride of his tour, borrowing his father’s bike while visiting home. Pommes Soufflées is also out riding while on vaca – enjoying Burlington, VT.

Potato Jam and crew found a toilet along side the road so were spared the use of a porta-john…just saying. Papas Marinas is still racking up the miles while participating in a micro-tri and then adding some extras.

Seafaring Spud and Wolfpack Potato were out enjoying the W&OD trail from Vienna to Sterling VA and back – herding deer along the way that were in no hurry to move. They got these miles in the bag and are looking for a magnet.

Pig-Pen Potato is gettin’ back into it and over the half way mark now…here comes a magnet. Joining him just over half way are Dre’ Tater, Sporty Spud, Kartoffel Kaiser, Spuddles, Yam Kronen, Tug-A-Tuber, Simmering Spud and Harley Taterson. All in the 50 mile range and ready to finish strong over the last week.


Results so far are here: Reported Miles

Report miles here: Mileage Entry

Happy Pedaling,

Madam Tuber

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