Only one week of pedaling remains

Still stomping on the pedals and up to 16,550 miles, we added seven more official potatoes today. Starch Trek transported himself over 118.8 miles for a magnet while Tombet Tater must have done the math for a nice 111.1 miles. Potato Cake has another magnet for her fridge with 105.2 miles. Melatater and Hause of Spuds both finished up with 104.0 miles. Haus of Spuds has to face down a bird that was chasing a bug. They locked eyes but thankfully the bird “chickened” out first. Haus of Spuds missed the bird by an inch. Fo’Fanna Potato is over the line with an “I made it!!” and an impressive 103.0 miles – after having to miss last year it was rewarding to finish up. Spud Ice finished with her longest ride to date and a total of 102.26 miles.

Potato Happenings:

Buck-A-Spud is done for the year due to travel without access to wheels, but fortunately over the century mark, all miles on the Reedville Velodrome.

Grape Tater is back in the saddle again and looking toward the finish line and another magnet. Had to take some time out for a little league tournament but is ready to put in the work needed this week to finish. Seafaring Spud and Wolfpack Potato are cranking out the miles now – this time through the hills (ugh!) of their neighborhood as they make their way to a magnet. Kartoffel Kaiser got two fellow taters off the couch today (glad to see them on the road). DupliTater and Chip Hop are pedaling now toward their magnet.

Rain or Shine Tater and Duchess Potato made their way out to New Point Comfort Lighthouse for a hot/breezy ride. And Marshmallow Fluff Potato is reporting in that her new, very cool, magnet has arrived and is looking good on the fridge!


Results so far are here: Reported Miles

Report miles here: Mileage Entry

Happy Pedaling,

Madam Tuber

2 thoughts on “Only one week of pedaling remains

  1. Quick question. May have missed the info. Will the information for ordering the magnet be sent at the end of the tour or has it already been sent when 100 miles I reached.

    Thanks for all you do to keep this fun event going.

    Spud Funk

    Ray Funkhouser President, USATF- Virginia 804-334-6372 [cid:image001.png@01D776FF.010100E0]


    1. Hi Ray – it looks like your “magnet email” went out on July 5 – I found it in my sent items and just forwarded along. Please confirm when you get it – for some strange reason, I can’t see the recent “forward” in my sent items. Hm. Christine/ Duchess Potato


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