Starting the countdown to Paris

We’re just shy of 17,500 miles and celebrating 7 more official couch potatoes today. Countess Tater was able to get logged in and caught up on her miles for her magnet and 114.17 miles. Yamyscira also has another magnet with 105.83 miles – she pedals while working…it’s quite a setup. Traffic Yam did not get stuck in traffic on the way to 103.65 miles and a new magnet for the fridge. Signature Spud is also finished with 102.4 miles and Yogatato go to 102.0 miles with a 6 am ride to Weems. Bean Counting Potato counted out 101.9 miles to cross the century mark. Tattie Tater is also finished with 101.25 miles. Congrats to our latest finishers, bringing us to 76 official taters so far.

Potato Happenings:

Tater Lime is enjoying being over the 200 mile mark. He joins 12 other potatoes who have crossed that milestone. We have two in the 300s, one in the 400s and Decapotato is over the 700 mile mark.

Yam Kronen keeps finding the rain each time she goes out for a ride so it’s the trainer still – but the miles count the same. Dre’ Tater and Uetz Chips were out together today enjoying an unseasonable cool day in Indiana. Their sights included a life-size elephant statue (to be posted in Facebook).

We’re watching closely for our DUD SPUDS…you have six more days to pedal. Pedaling stops at midnight, July 18 and all miles must be entered by midnight, July 19 so the final report can be compiled.


Results so far are here: Reported Miles

Report miles here: Mileage Entry

Happy Pedaling,

Madam Tuber

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