A Whole Crop of Official Potatoes

We have a whole crop of potatoes that made it official today, with only one day of riding left. We’re up to 125 official taters and 22,800 miles.

Pig – Pen Potato was so excited by Le Tour that he forgot to secure his computer. About 9 miles into the ride at 30 mph, it fell off. Knowing it was necessary for potato mileage, he lowered the landing gear and flaps, went back to get it. Fortunately, no damage was done and he can report finished with 116.88 miles.

Rotato has a new magnet, finishing the tour with 107.00 miles while Christmas Potato is only half a mile behind with 106.50 miles. Chilli Cheese Fries is also over the line at 106.20 miles so she can decorate her fridge as well.

There is a lot happening in the 105 mile range: Pacific Potato finished up first in this group with 105.74 miles but Cajun Gator Tater has him in his sights on his Zwift with 105.50 miles. Coming in just behind them and finishing all 11 Le Tour de Couch Potato events is Bubba Spud with 105.20 miles.

Rocky Potato has once again conquered the hills of Colorado with 104.27 miles and Kartoffel Kaiser wrapped up her tour today with 103.2 miles.

Sweet Kinder Spud and Hawaiian Potato were sprinting it out to the end with 102.40 miles and 102.26 miles respectively. Coming in right with them is Tater Mala with 102.2 miles.

Tuberski was out on a family ride for breakfast. They saw an alligator, baby turtles, dodged raindrops, stopped at a garage sale and finished with 102.1 miles for a magnet.

Golly D Tater and Pearl Yam finished in a dead heat with 101.90 miles each – new magnets for both. Helmer Spud is also over the century mark with 101.20 miles.

That’s a LOT of potatoes – congratulations to all of you.

Potato Happenings:

49 pedaling potatoes who aren’t yet over the finish line. You have one more day of pedaling…who will be a DUD SPUD and who will finish. If you have a potato friend who isn’t over the finish line, get out there with them and help them over the finish line.

Decapotato has been leading the pack throughout Le Tour and today topped the 1000 mile mark. Congrats to Decapotato – nicely done!

Fat Tire Tater made his way around West Virginia with his son for about 14 miles today…love it when families ride together!

50 Shades of Spud is over the finish line but still adding miles “because I can”. Also done and getting extra miles is Potato Chip Rock – he got lost today and discovered he was riding in Norway (I hope on a Peloton or similar).

Tater Mountain is “almost there” after a great morning ride through White Stone and Road Rash Tater had her longest ride yet (she better finish cuz we work together and I’d harass her until next year if she doesn’t). Swimming Spud – you’re in that category too.

Tom Tater is still at it and determined to finish. He definitely has the right idea, riding for doughnuts and breakfast sandwiches.

Waa Waa – 36 potatoes still on the couch…Really???


PSA from fellow tater: Yogatato is a yoga instructor and after earning her second magnet she would like to offer any potato who finished LTdCP a free yoga class. She is in the Northern Neck, VA area so if you live in that area and are interested, please check out her website here: Insideout Yoga

Log your miles using the exact email you registered with or they won’t show up. Pedaling ends at midnight, July 18 and all miles need to be entered by midnight July 19.

Results so far are here: Reported Miles

Report miles here: Mileage Entry

Happy Pedaling,

Madam Tuber

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