The final countdown

We’re celebrating another group of official potatoes on our last day. Reporting in so far are:

Bud Spud is over the finish line with 106.20 miles. Pommes Soufflées was taken away by a family emergency but still pedaled her way to a magnet with 105.50 miles.

Distilled Tater is happy to report getting her miles in on the last day. Over the century mark with 104.38 miles. Tater Mountain is also done with 104.17 miles. Kartoffel Kaiser has another magnet with 103.20 miles and Spud Author crossed the finish line at 102.60 miles. Sweet Kinder Spud also has another magnet for her refrigerator with 102.40 miles.

Spuddles and Microchip are crossing the finish line right near each other at 101.95 miles and 101.80 miles respectively.

Lenko Latkes checking in as NOT a dud spud with 101.50 miles.

CompliTater made it happen this week! She reports the tour helped me really give cycling a try for the first time! and the first time was 101.39 miles.

Tom Tater completed the tour in three chunks between pool party, tubing on the river and after golf was cancelled, finishing with 100.71 miles.

Spuddy Holly is an official potato with 100.55 miles as is Grape Tater with 100.39 miles.

Bumble Spud got it in just under the wire, gotta have that magnet – finishing with 100.00 miles exactly.

Potato Happenings:

Remember that pedaling stops at midnight tonight so please check the mileage log as this is what we have for you so far. All miles need to be entered by midnight tomorrow night. I’ll have a brief blog tomorrow if we have additional potatoes with a final report coming out on Wednesday, July 21.

Bean Counting Potato ended up with a flat tire on the final day but had Meadow Lark Potato with her who changed it and they finished up a beautiful ride on the final day.

CycoTater also had a lovely early morning ride with spousal unit, aka Computater. Yogatater and FaHashn Brown joined as well as Dr. Jim (a potato for next year??)

Marshmallow Fluff Spud had a fun ride and is looking forward to representing when my jersey arrives (sharing: on peloton she’s #geezergl)


Results so far are here: Reported Miles

Report miles here: Mileage Entry

Happy Pedaling,

Madam Tuber

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