Nothing is Rotten in Denmark

We’re only three days in and we have our first official potato. Marshmallow Fluff Potato crossed the 100 mile threshold today with 104.1 miles. She is one of 135 potatoes on the road and eleven of those are half way or more.

Over 3500 miles have been pedaled in our 3 days so far. I’m sure we’ll be breaking records this year.

Potato Happenings:

Last of the Potatoes is constantly riding into the wind on the gulf coast, but still adding up the miles. Fry Alicia had a serious climb up to the school house but was rewarded with chocolate chip cookies – worth the ride. Commissioner Potato found too many hills on his ride, but again – the miles are adding up.

Chilli Cheese Fries was out with the hubster on a ride while Sooper Spud rode further than she has in over 25 years – go girl! Yogatato was out for an early morning ride -maybe to beat the heat?

The wild life was out today as well. Blooming Spud saw (and stayed away from) a bobcat and either Yes Ma’am Yam or 50 in 50 Potato was held up by geese crossing.

Potato Prez did his Zwift miles in London while watching the boys in Denmark and Bumble Spud is riding through Sweden. An international ride for sure.


Potato Names: yes, I come up with your names based on a few things. I’m happy to take suggestions, etc. but remember, each name is unique. I can’t change your name to something someone already has. We’re happy to have had about 600 different participants and that’s a LOT of potato names. Please send your suggestions – based on something someone does, their name, etc. I may (or may not) make the change!

Log your miles using the exact email you registered with or they won’t show up. Pedaling ends at midnight, July 24 and all miles need to be entered by midnight July 25.

Results so far are here: Reported Miles

Report miles here: Mileage Entry

Happy Pedaling,

Madam Tuber

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