Couch Potato Sign Up is 6/1: What to expect

Registration for Le Tour de Couch Potato is June 1 Whether you’re a seasoned Couch Potato rider or newcomer to Le Tour, having good expectations of the sign-up process is important. After all, the cycling part should be the focus, right? Riding 100 miles in 23 days is a fun challenge – signing up &Continue reading “Couch Potato Sign Up is 6/1: What to expect”

Spring is here & we’re ready to ride

2022 Tour is coming soon: are you ready? The countdown to Le Tour de Couch Potato® 2022 continues – as a reminder: sign up starts June 1 and Le Tour begins on July 1. While we wait, some exciting news: New Couch Potato Merch Is Now Available Go to our Couch Potato Merch Page toContinue reading “Spring is here & we’re ready to ride”

Countdown to the 2022 Tour

Mark your calendars 2022 July 1 – July 25 Four months until the pedaling begins and three months until registration opens. Of course: participation is still free and any potato who completes 100 miles during the tour can purchase a custom refrigerator magnet. Speaking of purchases: have you checked out Le Tour de Couch Potato®Continue reading “Countdown to the 2022 Tour”