2022 In The Books

Thanks / Gracias / Danke / Etc

Yesterday was the final pedaling day and today was final mileage submitting day. Who else is going through withdrawals on logging mileage? On behalf of all of us at Couch HQ, thank you for joining us on this annual event: we love having you along for the ride.

29,034 total miles

Congrats to our new “official” potatoes who came in after yesterday’s call out:
Fine Girl Tater, Papas Marianas, Flower Power Potato, Swimming Spud, Tuber Effect, Harley Taterson, Lenko Latkes & Road Rash Tater

What’s Next for Potatoes?

Madam Tuber is working on her final blog post – if you haven’t joined us before or forgot what’s coming, buckle in for this one. As if her daily blogs weren’t fun & inspiring enough, just wait for the LTdCP End-Of-Tour Poem! We’ll update our Hall Of Fame and our annual stats – then we’ll take a breather from the Tour.

Keep In Touch!

We have a growing group on Strava, for those of you who use that app – search for Le Tour de Couch Potato and connect with potatoes in the off season. Send your feedback to us via email – and most important: tell your friends to join the Potato Movement. The countdown to LTdCP 2023 has begun.

Mark your calendars & thanks again, Duchess Potato & all of us at Couch HQ



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Le Tour de Couch Potato 2023

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