Closing Out Year 12

As we close out our 12th year and with only a few hours left to pedal, we’re celebrating 12 potatoes who made it official. Remember, you can pedal up to midnight (Eastern Time) tonight if you aren’t done yet. Log all your miles before midnight tomorrow!

Tot Tilla is over the line with 110 miles and a new magnet.

Kartoffel Kaiser is not only getting a new magnet but I’m going to have to work on a new name. She got 105.8 miles, ate a bug and had a bug fly in her ear. It is noted that Helmer Spud finished first but Kartoffel Kaiser finished with more miles.

Eveready Yam is always ready for Le Tour and finished again this year, this time with 104.7 miles so another magnet for him. Yom Yam is not far behind with 104.3 miles to show for her pedaling efforts.

Tater Mountain reports in with another Le Tour de Couch Potato completed and 102.6 miles. With the same number of miles and another magnet is Hot Potato checking in also with 102.6 miles. Only a tenth back is Potayto Potahto is over the century mark with 102.5 miles.

Happy to report after much traveling, Bubba Spud has earned magnet number 12, keeping up the tradition with her two aunts. She’s logged 102 miles.

Tuberski finished up today with 100.7 miles and another magnet – still pedaling with the kids?

Making sure I don’t make fun of them at work are Yamaican (100.6 miles), Pro-Craft-in-Tater (100.5 miles – work by association) and New Spudsation (100 miles).

Congratulations to our newest potatoes. Any others who finish before midnight tonight will get a shout out in the final report on Wednesday, July 27.

As of now, 43 potatoes started but haven’t finished yet, some with less than 10 miles to go. We’re over 28,300 miles pedaled.

I’m also looking at these 57 potatoes on the couch. Definitely some DUD SPUDs in training. We’ll see how many of the remaining 43 who started are going to join them.

Potato Happenings:

Stormin’ Spud rode the first day of RAGBRAI today and the Couch Potato helped with training.


Log your miles using the exact email you registered with or they won’t show up. Pedaling ends at midnight, July 24 and all miles need to be entered by midnight July 25.

Results so far are here: Reported Miles

Report miles here: Mileage Entry

Happy Pedaling,

Madam Tuber

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