Le Tour de Couch Potato is in the Rear View

Hard to believe but alas, it is true

Le Tour de Couch Potato is in the rear view

Potatoes were pedaling, away they did fly

176 told the century mark goodbye

Heat and humidity were there along the way

But neither could stop us from coming to play

We watched the battle between Decap and Swisher Sweet

Over 800 miles each did complete

They’re two of many out playing our game

To see more potatoes, check our hall of fame

I also hear tale of a potato who got mashed

Fortunately, he still finished with a splash

There are 91 potatoes who now go by DUD SPUD

Signed up but didn’t finish, maybe next time, Bud

We hope you’ll join us for Le Tour next year

It’s number 13, but never fear

It will be lucky for all who join us to ride

Just remember the rules by which we abide

That’s all for this time, thanks so much for playin’

We had a lot of fun; hope you did – we’re prayin’

Happy Pedaling,

Madam Tuber




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