It’s Raining Potatoes

Despite lots of rain reported, we have three potatoes who made it official today and we crossed the 10,000 mile mark.

Fry Like an Eagle got a jump start on the weekend and ended up with a new magnet and 108 miles. Backpack Potato is over the finish line for another magnet, checking in with 103.1 miles. Also finished this year is Laura Latkes with 100.2 miles. Congratulations to our newest official potatoes.

We’re now at a total of 23 official couch potatoes, 195 pedaling potatoes and 10795.3 miles. We’re averaging about 1200 miles a day. GO us!

Potato Happenings:

Harley Taterson was one of our potatoes who pedaled over hill and dale on the stationary bike due to the rain. Also force inside was Potato Chip Rock who was able to get in two rides in one day for 34 total miles. Bud Spud liked the impact the rain is having on the garden but not so much on the ability to pedal.

Not impacted by the rain was Surfin’ Spud. He was pedaling with Spudly Beach Bum and Super Chipski, making a stop for croissants and coffee. Also out and for her longest ride EVER was Tot Juliet and getting off the couch with a late start this year is Rocky Mountain Potato (we know he’ll finish though, he always does).

Duchess Potato was chased in by the rain and I thought I would catch her but no such luck. My pedaling just wasn’t enough and she’s still 15 miles ahead of me (I’ll keep trying).


Log your miles using the exact email you registered with or they won’t show up. Pedaling ends at midnight, July 24 and all miles need to be entered by midnight July 25.

Results so far are here: Reported Miles

Report miles here: Mileage Entry

Happy Pedaling,

Madam Tuber

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