This was no Wimpy Wednesday

Potatoes are crossing the finish line at a rapid rate again today. We have 11 more today who made it official, bringing our total to 66.

Yes Ma’am Yam is leading today’s pack of potato finishers with 123.5 miles. Spud Funk has another magnet to his credit at 110.9 miles. Casey at the Bat Potato is also over the line with 109.9 miles while Waked Potato is only a couple miles back with 107.6 miles.

Spudly crossed the tater bridge with 107.2 miles on a beautiful ride along Virginia’s Capital Trail with Tot Louie (who is really close!).

Tot Yam is happy to have made it official today after clocking 106 miles and Tom Tater has 105.3 miles to his credit.

Oh-Kay Tuber gave a big Woo Hoo as she reached 100 miles, 102.5 miles to be exact. Hot on her heals is Tater Malla at 102.2 miles.

Surfin’ Spud hit the road for a quick sunrise ride before work to earn a magnet with 100.5 miles. Potato Prez clocked 100.3 miles while watching the boys in France. I won’t give the rest of his update “spoiler alert”. But no protesters like yesterday.

Congratulations to our latest taters who made it official today!

Our mileage count is over 16,500 today and we still have 206 pedaling potatoes, 66 of them are now official!

Potato Happenings:

Green Eggs & Yam was more pin cushion than potato today. Stung by a bee on the hand, wasp on the chest and horse fly on the back. Could it be the deodorant?

We have a heated competition for Top Mileage. Decapitato & Swisher Sweet Potato are neck and neck, back and forth. Both are over 400 miles – who will win?

Shout out to those of you who thank us for putting this together. We have as much fun as you do each year and hope you’ll continue to help us grow. We love that this has gone from 6 of us the first year to 269 entrants this year. Please tell your friends/family and keep on pedaling.


Log your miles using the exact email you registered with or they won’t show up. Pedaling ends at midnight, July 24 and all miles need to be entered by midnight July 25.

Results so far are here: Reported Miles

Report miles here: Mileage Entry

Happy Pedaling,

Madam Tuber

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