Spring is here & we’re ready to ride

2022 Tour is coming soon: are you ready?

The countdown to Le Tour de Couch Potato® 2022 continues – as a reminder: sign up starts June 1 and Le Tour begins on July 1. While we wait, some exciting news:

New Couch Potato Merch Is Now Available

Go to our Couch Potato Merch Page to see new Mens & Ladies Tshirt designs waiting for you. Short Sleeve Tshirts have a memorable Couch Potato design (2021 Logo) and are reasonably priced at less than $30.* The Merch Page displays a gray shirt but you can choose from a ton of colors & sizes in both ladies & mens cut.

* These t-shirts are sold online through Zazzle.Com, the same vendor we use for the Tour Magnets. Prices are set by Zazzle, who often offer discounts which can be applied to the cost of items at check out. LTdCP sponsors do not receive any income from the sale of our merch – the cost on each vendor’s space is determined by them alone.

Refer A Friend

Le Tour de Couch Potato® didn’t grow to its current size in just a day or even a year: the growth happened because YOU – our participants – enjoyed it and talked your family & friends into joining. The 100 miles (in 23 days) averages out to about 5 miles a day – so this challenge is within most people’s grasp.



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Le Tour de Couch Potato® 2022

Sign Up Opens June 1

Pedaling Begins July 1

Pedaling Ends July 24

One thought on “Spring is here & we’re ready to ride

  1. btw…zazzle is offering a discount today APRILFOOLS22 :> looking forward to my second tour and thanks for organizing :] marshmallow fluff potato:}


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