Couch Potato Sign Up is 6/1: What to expect

Registration for Le Tour de Couch Potato is June 1

Whether you’re a seasoned Couch Potato rider or newcomer to Le Tour, having good expectations of the sign-up process is important. After all, the cycling part should be the focus, right? Riding 100 miles in 23 days is a fun challenge – signing up & reporting mileage to Le Tour HQ should be the easy part!

Participant Communication

Madam Tuber will email previous participants on June 1 with a Registration Link. Remember: participation is free so share the email with a friend! To sign up, just provide basic information: your email address & name. We also collect other optional data, such as location (country/ state) and age – so add that as well, if you’re comfortable doing so. June 15 & 30 – Madam Tuber will send an email reminder & “last call” for riders before the official start date of Le Tour, July 1.

Daily Updates from Madam Tuber will be available to Le Tour de Couch Potato Blog subscribers and shared on our Facebook Group Page (search for “Le Tour de Couch Potato”). Blog Subscribers can decide how/ when to receive notifications on the daily entries.

The only other direct email from LTdCP Admins will come once you’ve completed 100 miles – Madam Tuber will send you a link to order your 2022 Commemorative Finisher Magnet.

Reporting Mileage

Your registration confirmation will include a link to use for reporting your mileage ridden. Simply click the link to enter miles ridden between July 1 & 24 – ideally on or close to the actual day you ride (our potato recordkeepers like to be up-to-date). It is super important to use the same email address you registered with – that’s how we line up the miles with the correct rider.

There’s also a space on the mileage report to add a fun story/ unique aspect of the day’s ride. Madam Tuber often includes these anecdotes in her daily blogpost. Share any pictures from your ride on Facebook too – they are really inspirational to fellow potato riders.

Most important of all – Have Fun.
Let the Countdown To Le Tour Continue!



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Le Tour de Couch Potato 2022

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