Saddle Up

It’s almost time for our Grand Depart: Register Here!

Pedaling begins tomorrow, July 1st and registration will close just before so this is your last chance to sign up. We’re continuing our online engagement from last year and leveraging the website, allowing us to eliminate emails in favor of daily (or almost daily) blog posts.
Tour information can be found on our website –> Be sure to follow our blog (link in the lower right corner) and/or via Facebook, so you’ll see the tour updates. That means no more emails after today!

Spread the word! Share with others who may be joining us for the first time as we love to see the tour grow. Just be sure they can follow the rules below.

Reporting Miles. Mileage tracking will all be done through the website – and is based on your registration email address. Be sure when you register, you remember the email address you registered with… if it’s different from what you use to track mileage, you won’t get credit.

2022 Dates to remember:

  • Ride dates: July 1st – July 24th
  • Registration will close at 12:01 AM, July 1st – as the ride begins. We aren’t capping the number of riders, but we will close registration once the ride begins.

The “Rules” are posted here.

Happy Pedaling,

Madam Tuber

5 thoughts on “Saddle Up

    1. Hi Lorraine – if you receive this notice, reach out to Couch HQ at – the email you registered with bounced back. Possible typo so we need to correct that ASAP – any miles you enter under a different email address will not line up with the registration info (and won’t appear on the tally) – thanks


  1. Madam Tuber: I think I am in need of new glasses or I am just too blond to see it, but is there/will there be a “record your miles” button on the home page? I don’t want to miss my opportunity to beat last year’s mileage so I am raring to go tomorrow morning!!!

    Thanks a lot,

    Last of the Potatoes (AKA Rebecca Mehregan) 



    1. Hey LotP – I can’t remember how we did it last year. It makes sense to add to Home Page so I’ll do that now. It will be password protected and if you’ve lost that password (it was in the registration confirm email), I’ll be sending that out to registered potatoes as a reminder this evening. The spot for entering miles is:


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