Day 10 takes us over 10,000 Miles

Several potatoes made it official over the last two days. Some were after yesterday’s update and others crossed the threshold today. Congratulations to our latest potatoes earning their magnets: Green Eggs & Yam finished up for his first magnet with 142.68 miles while Red Bliss Potato crossed the line with 120.6 miles. Robert Tuberson hasContinue reading “Day 10 takes us over 10,000 Miles”

Potatoes Poppin’ off for July 4th

Two more potatoes made it official today: Fitz and the Tater Tantrums pedaled a total of 115.03 miles for his magnet while Artful Tuber finished up with 101.33 miles today. Congratulations to our newest official potatoes. Along with the other 153 potatoes that are off the couch, we passed the 9000 mile mark today. GOContinue reading “Potatoes Poppin’ off for July 4th”

“Gearing” up for the weekend

The potatoes are piling up as we add 4 more “official” couch potatoes today. Hot Potato earns a magnet with 136 miles while Pro Potato finishes up with 110 miles. Also over the century mark (she hoped to finish early) is Locked-N-Loaded Spud with 106.7 miles. Also just over the finish line is one ofContinue reading ““Gearing” up for the weekend”